Suddenly, the World is Disabled

With the advent of the Corona Virus known as Covid-19, suddenly every human being is disabled. We can no longer freely live and work as we did last week. Moving forward we need to acknowledge that right now is the greatest opportunity for systemic change that will ever be avaible in our lifetimes. So we must move quickly, and with purpose, to prepare ourselves for what is coming next. Because next time, it might be worse.

The Accessible@Work® program was developed by the founders of Accessibility Television who were frustrated with the lack of quality, affordable and barrier free media production and distribution services available in Canada to support inclusion for all. Our team’s values of Always Barrier Free, Inclusive By Design and Engaging For Everyone frame our innovative service delivery approach.


Our services go beyond offering you expert media production and distribution services by some of Canada’s top leaders in production services, creative and technical support for Live Streaming, Corporate Webcasting, Video, Television Series, Documentaries, Vlogging, Blogging, WCAG and A11y. We also bring expertise in leadership within the disability community to our work, reflecting the motto, “Nothing for us, without us” in everything we do.


innovation around accessibility chalkboard drawing

Our solution is all about fixing what’s broken in today’s media production and distribution network for all stakeholders in the disability community. Our production process is grounded in an engagement model that solves the traditional time, quality and distribution challenges organizations face when creating accessible communications for key stakeholders. By using our proprietary Access Story Development Framework®, combined with the latest in innovative and inclusive film technology and editing tools and our innovative distribution network, we will make the development, creation and distribution of all of your content smooth, affordable, seamless and fully accessible.

Barrier Free Communications

Canada’s new Accessibility Act is a game changer for organizations and entrepreneurs who are ready to develop new accessibility focused services or products or primed to promote those which they have already created or implemented.
The Act sets out new requirements that will generate a flood of needs in the Canadian marketplace for innovative new solutions that will help organizations in all sectors comply with the new standards.
Companies, Departments and Organizations need to gain insights on how to develop accessible products and services, to finding service providers who can assist them to transform their entire workplaces, spaces and places into accessible environments for people living with disabilities.
The Act will create a need for change in all Product Life Cycle stages, metrics and characteristics. The Act will also drive changes in how employees are recruited, trained, retained and engaged.
Our team at AccessibiliTV are experts on the new Accessible Canada Act. We are also comprised of top talent in communications and marketing. Our passion is to help entrepreneurs and organizations succeed by providing them with new solutions that will fuel their success.

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