Virtual Conference online floor plan and layout

The Best Virtual Meeting Online Event Platform

“It has proven to be more efficient than many offline events. Discussion, networking, collaboration – exactly what the next stage of online platform needed.”

Virtual Conference online floor plan and layout

When you first join the meeting, it’s exactly like walking into a room at a conference or meeting center. You can clearly see the whole floor plan with individuals clustered around various tables on the floor, but you can only see and hear the conversation at your own table. A quick visual survey of the room gives you an idea of where you want to be.

You double-click on a table that looks like it has some interesting people at it and you are immediately joined to an on-going conversation. One of the attendees is sharing some interesting insights so you hover over their profile to learn more. It reveals a dropdown menu with 3 options. On the far left you can you can connect to their LinkedIn profile and get a deeper dive into who they are. The center option lets you connect to their Calendar to book a private meeting. The last button will open a private text window so you can chat without interrupting the ongoing table conversation. Suddenly you are working the floor, networking and booking meetings like a pro.

live conferencing example of 3 people changing tables

The Virtual Meeting Difference

In order to understand how special this new platform is, you need to understand that webinars, live streaming, vlogging, FB Live and teleconferencing are like television. They are one-way communications with a limited flow of information going from the presenter to the attendee. But attendees cannot communicate with each other. They can’t network and share ideas or be free to mingle like they would at an in-person meeting. Until now.

At the Virtual Meeting you can talk to anyone in the room. Or if you see a table that interests you, just double-click to join the conversation. Then you can choose to listen, join the conversation, book an appointment for later or engage someone of interest in a private chat.

“Conferences are conversations at scale, where we have the rare opportunity to talk face-to-face  with many of our peers and some of our mentors.”

New Online Event Platform

As you are chatting away, suddenly host breaks in to announce to the room that the speakers will be starting in 5, so wrap up your convo’s. You book a couple more meetings and mute your mic and camera to dash to the fridge. You return just in time as the Host introduces the first speaker, the real reason you came in the first place.

When their presentation is complete, a menu appears on the right for the Live Q&A. It is quickly filling with questions from the attendees who are voting the most important to the top of the cue, and you add your votes. Then it’s time to get ready for the breakout rooms.

Virtual Meeting Accessibility Features

  • Simultaneous American Sign Language (ASL)
  • Langue des signes du Québec (LSQ)
  • High contrast platform for visually impaired
  • Integrated cloud translation
  • Add 4 or 6 Sponsorship Ads (linked videos, images, pages, offers, CTA’s)
  • On-site Trained &. Qualified technician to ensure a smooth event
  • Enhanced Security Clearance personnel

Standard Virtual Meeting Features

  • There is no delay
  • Collaborative whiteboards
  • High-quality video and audio
  • You can add live Q&A sessions
  • No downloads or installation required
  • Group of 50 – 800 attendees
  • Get up, ready and live in just 15 seconds
  • Attendees can vote on ideas and proposals
  • Helps attendees build real relationships in real-time
  • Can be used for online meetings, networking, and conferences
  • Attendees can freely network before and after presentations
  • Admins can broadcast presentations to all attendees instantly
  • An event-specific link allows access for paying attendees
  • Hosts & Speakers have exclusive access to admin capabilities
  • Attendees can interact in real-time just by joining a table
  • Offer strategic brand placement opportunities live on your event
  • No annoying software to download, get started in your browser
  • Deliver real-life speed networking from just a few clicks
  • Engage attendees with interactive polls, votes and Q&A’s
  • View LinkedIn profiles and book meetings during conversations
  • Group Screen sharing, white boarding and other tools available
  • Great for Paid or free events

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