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Go From Flattening the Curve to Riding the Wave

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It reads like the opening chapter of a Sci-Fi novel: 7 billion people are suddenly forced to isolate themselves for an undetermined amount of time or risk spreading a virus which could undermine society. As we find ourselves with the greatest ever number of Disabled people in the history of our species, Mark Twain’s century old remarks seem to echo through the empty streets: “Truth is stranger than fiction.” But really, it’s the perfect marketing strategy. After all, there has never been a greater Captive Audience in the history of mankind. And that is where the savvy will find opportunity in Live Streaming, FB Live, Blogging and Vlogging.

Captive Audience

So, what do you do when you find yourself in interesting times and needing to keep the boat afloat until it’s safe enough to leave the cave? My apologies for the mixed-metaphor, but waiting is not an option. Especially since we do not know how long this storm will last, or how it will play out when the curfew is lifted. Nonetheless, for your disabled customers and employees, there is more at risk than a sneeze or a cough.

And yet, as business people we are not programmed to sit and wait because we all know that a crisis means an opportunity. The question then becomes: What can we do to continue what we were doing before physical distancing became a part the business? We know that we will come out of this eventually, and for those who can pivot this crisis will go from flattening the curve to riding the wave.

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It is not often that you have a captive audience! Now is the time to reconnect with your followers, engage your friends and multiply your connections. There are many ways to communicate in a quarantined world. Some are interactive, designed to be conversational and include many voices in an active conversation. Others forms of communication are designed to convey a crafted message, and are usually uni-directional in their delivery. Both are useful tools in their own right and useful for spreading the word, engaging your followers or building an audience. And they are also great methods for capturing data.

Blog Vlog Marketing Strategies

Blogging and Vlogging are one-way online communications that can be used to spread information on any subject. People have questions about your products or services and this is a great way to use the answers people are searching for to leverage search engines. Blogs and Vlogs will help you establish yourself as The Voice of Authority in your field.

What is a Blog?

A blogging marketing strategy begins with entering a title

Blog is the short version of Web Log. They are online journals or informational pages which are presented on your site in reverse order. The latest post is listed at the top. Ever since Google bought blogger in 2003, Search Engines have loved blogging. Search Engines are like grocers: they put the freshest produce up front for their customers, because who wants day-olds? Google is no different. They know that you don’t want yesterday’s news, and blogs are the freshest news on the internet. So, if you can make regular posts, then you will train the Search Engines to visit your site regularly, and index your produce.

What is a Vlog?

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A Vlog is a blog that is created with video. Besides being an ignored online marketing strategy, there are other advantages. One: people love video. It is the most powerful media online. Two: Search Engines love video too. They cannot interpret the images, but they have been converting speech to text for over a decade. So, who cares? First of it all, video increases your click-through rate (CTR) which contributes to your standing in the search engine results pages (SERP’s). They love transcripts which provide an article length text block you can also use to leverage text driven sites for backlinks. Another useful marketing strategy is to turn your paginated content into other digital products that can be used for opt-in campaigns. Closed caption videos rank higher because they are accessible and able to be converted into any language. They also keep your audience engaged when viewing in environments where the audio would be disruptive. They are also a good organic method of sprinkling keywords and synonyms naturally through your pages without risking a slap on the wrist. When done right, a Vlog will help your SEO, improve user experience (UX) and keep your audience engaged longer.

The Live Marketing Strategy

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When done properly, Live communications can be the most powerful tools available for internal and external communications online. They can also be combined with marketing tools like lead capture and retargeting. They come with their own set of challenges, but nothing is more engaging.

What is Live Streaming?

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Live Streaming refers to a form of online communication using video, audio and multi-media to broadcast a message. But it is also interactive, as you can setup the ability for the audience to ask questions through text, which give the broadcaster the ability to control the “storyline.” There is no download required by your audience and it is interactive, which makes it one of the most powerful marketing strategies available.

You can simultaneously record & broadcast your meetings, presentations and media with a Live Stream through online channels such as Facebook, Youtube, Periscope or Twitter with professional multi-camera setups which are run like a TV studio production or single camera broadcasts. It is a communications tool that has been in use for some time and can be designed around maintaining your Brand while simultaneously keeping the conversation going.

*Essentially, Live Streams are the same as producing live television. And if you have worked in Live TV, you know that things can go sideways quickly if you take your eye off the ball. Therefore, we always recommend using professional streaming services.

How to use Facebook Live production Companies as marketing strategies

Facebook Live Marketing Strategy

FB live streaming is a very popular method of communication because anyone can use it, and because there are over 2 billion monthly users online, your audience and clients are already there. This is where smart companies employ FB Ad campaigns to extend their reach. When combined with cookie technology and retargeting campaigns, they can be the most powerful tools in any communications strategy.

*The drawbacks might include the fact that FB is being overused by individuals, groups and organizations. Because of this the FB platform may not be stable for long periods of time or may have user limitations to limit bandwidth consumption. One marketing strategy is to record on another platform with professional services and add it to your FB Page.

Corporate Webcast

group in boardroom watching corporate webinar reviewing marketing strategies

Webinars are great vehicles to use for internal communications or as external tools for marketing and audience building. They can be very powerful when combined with other strategies like Facebook Ad Campaigns. Corporate webcasting can incorporate many elements in the broadcast like multiple camera angles, multi-media presentations and special effects to engage your audience. This is where smart companies employ FB Ad campaigns to extend their reach. When combined with cookie technology and retargeting campaigns, they can be the most powerful tools in any communications strategy.

The challenge is that today’s users are very savvy. They are exposed to millions of images and sounds on a daily basis, and therefore have high expectations for certain types of media. It is highly recommended to use professional producers for these types of shoots in order to protect your Brand. But it’s a timely and brilliant marketing strategy that you’ll get the credit for.

Live Conference Streaming

Live Conference Streaming is not new. It just needed a reason to catch on, and the current Global Pandemic is the impetus for change. Conferencing streams are different than Live Streaming. In live streaming sessions, the hosts can talk to the attendees, and the attendees can respond by text, but the attendees cannot interact with each other.
With Live Conferencing the attendees enter a “room” where they can see the avatars of the other people in the room. Then they can “walk” over to engage others by joining a table and have private conversations. When it’s time for the presentations, the host can call everyone back to their “seats” and bring up the speakers, who can be heard by all.

Live Conference Streaming is as close to a real conference as you can get in the virtual world, other than 3D rooms. But it’s considerably cheaper for the participants and much easier to execute.

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