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With over 2 billion users per month, it is difficult to find someone who is not on Facebook. And with the advent of physical and social distancing during the current pandemic, it really is a place be developing your audience. Then when you’re ready you can engagement them and invite them to a virtual conference or live streaming event. But first, you must expand and build your audience. The fastest and cheapest method of doing that is through Facebook ads.

As you well know, most of us have been freely giving Facebook our data for years. They know our age, location and whether we own our house. We have also told them about our employers, what industry we work in and if the we have a credit card. They also know if we are looking to move soon or whether we own a gaming console. It sounds intrusive, but remember that we freely gave that information over time. The upside is that Facebook is willing to share that info with you and your company, for a small fee.

So, let’s put that into the proper context: you will not be asked to submit a description of your perfect customer and receive a spreadsheet with the name, address and phone number of those who will buy your products or services. What you get is the opportunity to place ads in front of the people that you target. Then when they are using the platform, your ads will appear in different places on their page. If your message is engaging enough, they click and it takes them to your landing page which then moves them through your sales funnel.

FB Ad Strategies

By using hundreds of data points such as your age, location, page likes, app use, mobile websites you browse, recent purchasing behaviour and life events, FB allows you to customize and target people who would be interested in your products and services. For example, if you are a Physiotherapist you would target people with an “Interest” in running, jogging or marathons.

It is also possible to do Layered Targeting where you get super granular and focus in on the exact type of person who would be the most likely person to engage your services, join your group or buy your product. That is when you engage their interest with a creative ad, find the people who will Like your message and drive them to your Facebook Page or your website. With that tracking data you build Lookalike Audiences of people who fit the exact same criteria, and start the process all over again.

FB Ads Retargeting

A variety of Facebook Ads for social media marketing strategies

Since only about 2% of website traffic converts to an Action
on the first visit, retargeting is a form of online “advertising” which allows you to keep your Brand in front of bounced traffic who have already left your site. The most common reasons for bounced traffic are comparison shopping or comparing information from several different sites, slow page load, slow to get to the point that the searcher came for, unprofessional looking site and many more. But do not lose heart, because if you are using modern cookie technology then you have a built-in opportunity to re-engage anyone who has visited your site. It is called retargeting.

Retargeting is the ability to show targeted ads or information to people who have already shown an interest in your site. It is the most powerful communications tool and is only available on a limited number of online platforms. But best of all, least than 10% of businesses and organizations are employing this strategy, which makes it easy to put yourself ahead the competition.

Instagram Ads

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FYI….Facebook owns Instagram which has over 1 billion users per month and at least 500 million users every day. So having coinciding FB/IG ads will covert largest possible swath of people and actually improve the cost of the ads. Because, just like Google, FB rewards those who use all of their platforms.

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Use Our Audience

We also make Accessibility Television audiences available to our clients. By giving you the opportunity to distribute your content on our social media, video and online platforms we can exponentially increase the reach of your message. We are highly experienced experts in SEO and search engine marketing techniques using online platforms like Google, Amazon and Apple to grow audiences.

Digital Engagement Framework

We use the Digital Engagement Framework as a guide for all digital content creation and distribution. The use of Multi-Channel Broadcasting has proven how effective it is at affecting SERPs and making our clients the Voice of Authority in their fields.

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