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Facebook Live

Facebook Live Streaming

With over 2 billion users per month, it is difficult to find someone who is not on Facebook Live. And when it comes to meetings during quarantine and social distancing, FB offers enormous opportunities that other streaming platforms do not. Facebook Live connects the viewers and the publishers in ways that previous media have not. Have you ever heard of retargeting? FB also allows publishers to gather data and insights which they would never get from just a video. A talking head tells the audience what it wants you to hear, whereas streaming video gives your audience the chance to seamlessly interact with publishers and have an interactive and engaging experience.


Facebook Live Companies

FB live streaming is a very popular method of communication in today’s world, because it allows for interaction. The unique proposition of broadcasting live on Facebook or Twitter is you’re your audience can participate through a computer terminal, laptop, iPad, Galaxy Tab, Microsoft Service, Amazon Fire or any tablet. They can also connect to your Digital Conference through their Android, Blackberry, Palm, iPhone or any mobile device. Wherever there is a signal, is where your audience can meet the team and join the conversation.

***Note: with the advent of the new corona virus Covid-19 having quarantined most of the globe, the Facebook platform has been overwhelmed with musicians, individuals and organizations consuming an enormous amount of bandwidth. There are now restrictions on the number of people who are allowed per live broadcast. The quality and reliability are down considerable and complete stream drops are occurring. For professionals, we recommend using other platforms.

Build Your Audience

If you want to build an audience or expand the one you have, you will need to be employing the most advanced online marketing strategy available. Two of the most powerful tools that are available to your business, organization or government department when it comes to FB live video streaming are pre-targeting and retargeting.

Build your audience graphic illustrating where your audience already is for Facebook ad campaigns

Live Interaction Online

One of the most powerful tools for your audience is the ability to engage with your hosts immediately through the FB platform. Your audience can ask questions and get answers without interrupting the speakers. Using text, they can submit queries and comments in real time directly to the hosts. This reduces the question repetition, interruptions and any awkward moments that come with them. But the greatest benefit is that it frees up the hosts to have full control of the broadcast and allows for the best overall experience for the users.

And when the Live stream is over, the video can be readily available on your Page for people who were not able to make it, where the Q&A can continue.

Corporate Webcasting

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When done professionally, your Go-Live session can supply your organization with a mountain of insights and data points about your audience. And obviously, the more you understand your audience then the better you can support them. And it is not uncommon for an audience to bring new ideas for your team to deliver. When it comes to doing a live video webcast, FB Live gives your business, organization or government department more options than any other platform.

Online Distribution

We also make Accessibility Television audiences available to our clients. By giving you the opportunity to distribute your content on our social media, video and online platforms we can exponentially increase the reach of your message. We are highly experienced experts in SEO and search engine marketing techniques using online platforms like Google, Amazon and Apple to grow audiences.

The Digital Engagement Framework

We use the Digital Engagement Framework as a guide for all digital content creation and distribution. The use of Multi-Channel Broadcasting has proven how effective it is at affecting SERPs and making our clients the Voice of Authority in their fields.

Digital Engagement Framework

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