Digital engagement framework for accessible communications strategies

Accessible Communication Strategies

How to Make Canada Accessible

The [email protected]® strategy is the way to make Canada Accessible. It is expressly designed to enable Governments, Businesses and Organizations to communicate without barriers to people in the disability community. it is especially designed to support the Accessible Canada Act.

Minister Qualtrough raising her hands on victory at the Accessible Canada Act Reception
Minister Qualtrough

Launched by Accessibility-Television, our specialized process makes it easy for your organization to demonstrate your commitment to the new accessibility standards act. By leveraging our expertise in accessible media production and Online Distribution, you will boost your inclusive engagement capacity. Making it easy to cut through the noise with high quality, accessible, and barrier free communications.

Innovation & Canadian Accessibility

[email protected]® provides a wide array of focused communication services to easily engage with stakeholders living with disabilities. The new services were developed by the Accessibility-TV founders to solve the problem leadership teams face in creating accessible, timely, affordable and high-quality communications for their clients, staff and community stakeholders living with disabilities.

We’ve simplified the entire process for producing accessible communications online which is the cornerstone strategy for maing canada Accessible.  Our process quickly engages and enables your staff to create quality, accessible content with ease. We’ve also streamlined the process of editing your content to ensure it is highly engaging, professional and easy for everyone to access.

index finger tapping smartphone screen surrounded by a tunnel of images of people to demonstrate the power of access to an audience

Our Audience is Your Audience

Our innovative approach enables you to quickly post your content in ALL formats on your communications platforms and leverage our communication channels to grow your audience.

The services are provided by Canadian leaders in the communications space as well as recognized experts within the disability community. Our services are the communications answer to the Accessible Canada Act and the Innovation of Accessibility for people with disabilities.

Your Accessible Canada Audience

In today’s market, if you cannot attract, engage and keep your audience then you will struggle to succeed. For this reason, digital distribution needs to be a critical component of every content marketing program. Investing in distribution is crucial to moving your ideas forward, and it takes time and money to find, develop, and nurture an audience. But there are solutions to expediate this.

Our team also specializes in building customized digital engagement strategies to ensure you use the right social media platforms for the right audiences at the right time to build an audience that is readily waiting for your next broadcast.

Digital around the world in 2020 illustrating the billions of users looking for accessible media
Found Your Audience Yet?

Where is Your Content Being Consumed?

Right now, there are:

● Almost 3 billion mobile smartphones in use worldwide

● About 3.7 billion internet-connected desktops & laptops

● Approximately 2 billion connected iPads, Android & Kindle devices

● Neilson: Hundreds of millions commuters listen to streaming audio or podcasts

● 300 million internet-connected televisions, Smart TVs and Apple TVs

…and we leverage them all.

Barrier Free Communications

Canada’s new Accessibility Act is a game changer for organizations and entrepreneurs who are ready to develop new accessibility focused services or products or primed to promote those which they have already created or implemented.
The Act sets out new requirements that will generate a flood of needs in the Canadian marketplace for innovative new solutions that will help organizations in all sectors comply with the new standards.
Companies, Departments and Organizations need to gain insights on how to develop accessible products and services, to finding service providers who can assist them to transform their entire workplaces, spaces and places into accessible environments for people living with disabilities.
The Act will create a need for change in all Product Life Cycle stages, metrics and characteristics. The Act will also drive changes in how employees are recruited, trained, retained and engaged.
Our team at Accessibility-TV are experts on the new Accessible Canada Act. We are also comprised of top talent in communications and marketing. Our passion is to help entrepreneurs and organizations succeed by providing them with new solutions that will fuel their success.

Let’s make Canada Accessible!