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How we communicate and interact has been changed forever. With the recent events surrounding the spread of the Covid 19, communications are even more important. Since large public gatherings are a thing of the past, we must still continue to do business, make plans and keep the world moving forward. But we have you covered with Virtual Conferencing, Live Streaming, interactive Facebook Live Streams and WCAG.


Simultaneously record & broadcast your meetings and presentations with a Live Stream to Youtube, Periscope or Twitter. Use one of our professional mutli-camera setups or our portable Television Studio.


"It has proven to be more efficient than many offline events. Discussion, networking, collaboration - exactly what the next stage of online platform needed." Take a Free Tour of the best Virtual Conference platform online.


Make your website WCAG and A11y compliant using international Web Content Accessibility Guidelines and website coding standards for accessibility which are in compliance with the Accessible Canada Act.

A Virtual Conferencing Platform Like No Other.....👉

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Life After Covid-19 Q&A Part 1

A New Epoch for Canadians with Disabilities Now, much like Mahadeo you were so brilliantly articulating, as we’re coming to the realization that business as usual, a phrase I hate, is neither a realistic nor Read more…

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